11 March 2022

Donate to the Ukraine Medical Help Fund

The Ukraine Medical Help Fund has been established as a joint initiative by CPME, EFMA and WMA following an urgent request by the Ukrainian Medical Association.

Following an urgent appeal by the Ukrainian Medical Association, the Ukraine Medical Help Fund has been established by CPME, EFMA and WMA to enable the global medical community to unite efforts to support our Ukrainian colleagues and the national medical associations in neighbouring countries who are stepping up to support the deepening humanitarian crisis.

The intense military escalation has resulted in loss of life, injuries, and the displacement of over one million refugees to neighbouring countries, with more expected. Hospitals and medical facilities have suffered severe damage and there is a shortage of all medical supplies and tremendous logistical challenges in sending aid.

We appeal to you to consider donating to the Ukraine Medical Help Fund to allow the medical community to coordinate and provide vital medical support to the humanitarian crisis. 

The World Medical Association has set up a bank account to serve these common efforts and we appeal for your donations to the following account:

Domiciliation: ANNEMASSE ENTERPRISES (04335)
International Banking Account Number IBAN: FR76 30003 04335 00050005353 78
Bank Identification Code BIC: SOGEFRPP

Account Owner:
13A Chemin du Levant

How the Fund be will used

The fund will be used to facilitate supply chains of medical supplies and other humanitarian goods to colleagues in Ukraine and neighbouring countries under the following rules:

  1. The primary purpose is to transport and distribute medical goods (medicines, medical products, special diets and other healthcare tools) to Ukraine. We are cooperating with the Ukrainian Medical Association and our member and partner organizations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including the Polish Chamber of Doctors and Dentists, the Slovakian Medical Association and the Slovak Medical Chamber.

  2. Part of the funds may be used for medical assistance for refugees, should the healthcare systems of the recipient countries become overwhelmed. The neighbouring countries are doing their best to serve and shelter the refugees, however the volume of refugees is growing daily.

  3. Should we come to a point where we find that a partner organization e.g. the ICRC or another charity doing work on the Ukrainian territory can do better to reach our colleagues and their patients in Ukraine, we may divert funds to those organizations. We may also consider portals of the Ukrainian government as long as we get assurance that funds will be used for medical and humanitarian purposes.

  4. The organizations building this coalition (CPME, EFMA and WMA) will provide their work as benefit in kind and will not charge for their services.

How the Fund will be managed

The Ukraine Medical Help Fund has been set up by an ad-hoc coalition of 

  • the European Forum of Medical Associations (EFMA), 

  • the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), and the

  • World Medical Association (WMA), which holds the account for donations.

The Fund is governed by:

  • The Taskforce Ukraine, which is composed of representatives of the medical associations (int/national) involved in the execution of the project, i.e. the WMA, EFMA, CPME, the Polish Chamber of Doctors and Dentists, the Slovakian Medical Association, the Slovak Medical Chamber, the Romanian College of Physicians, the Hungarian Medical Chamber and the French Medical Council. More organisations are invited to join or have already indicated to do so. The Taskforce will recommend the use of funds to the Steering Committee.

  • The Steering Committee, consisting of the Secretary Generals of EFMA, CPME, and WMA and is chaired by WMA Past President Prof. Dr Leonid Eidelman. 


Ongoing activities

The Japan Medical Association has already generously donated ¥100 Million (over €770,000) and the French Medical Council has pledged €150,000. These contributions have allowed us to start to assemble a first shipment of medical goods to Ukraine and we will communicate the use of these funds via our respective communication channels.

We urgently appeal for further donations to allow us to continue our efforts. Thank you for your support, any amount you provide will allow us to make a greater difference.

Dr Zoryana Ivanyuk (St. Nicholas Children's Hospital in Lviv) provides an update on receiving medical supplies in Ukraine.

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