CPME Rapporteur: Dr Sjaak NOUWT (NL) 
CPME Secretariat: Ms Sara RODA

Mobile health (mHealth), which is an emerging and fast-pace growing sector, is often praised for its potential to facilitate patients’ empowerment and adherence to treatments, to ensure an easier access to care for patients living in remote areas, to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, or even to reduce costs of healthcare budgets.

While mHealth applications can be valuable additional tools to the provision of care, they would however need to be carefully regulated and subject to detailed efficacy and safety tests. Safeguards are needed in terms of e.g. data privacy, professional liability, regulatory framework and assessment of mHealth Apps.

CPME Actively participates on:

Working group on mHealth assessment guidelines 

CPME Representative: Dr Jacques Lucas (FR)

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