Alcohol, Tobacco & Drug Control

CPME Chair of Working Group on Healthy Living: Dr Ina KELLY (IE)
CPME Secretariat: Mr Markus KUJAWA

Europe has the highest intake of alcohol in the world, and alcohol related harm is a major public health concern in the region. CPME has a long-standing commitment to tackling this by providing input at European level, and through its membership. We have adopted policies on labelling, cross-border shopping, the dangers of drink-driving, the implications for children and young people, and the impact of alcohol at the workplace.

Smoking is still a major cause of premature death in Europe. It also affects secondary persons, including children. CPME is in favour of effective regulatory action, both at national and EU level, to ensure that access to and consumption of tobacco and nicotine products as well as their promotion is strictly regulated. CPME is a partner of the Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) Coalition and a network participant in the Global Alliance for Tobacco Control (GATC).

Drugs are a complex social and health phenomenon that affect millions of people in Europe. They have huge negative consequences, not only for the users but also for those around them. The use of drugs generates costs for and harm to public health and safety.

Featured Policies

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