16 February 2023

European doctors’ magazine highlights climate change as immediate priority for healthcare sector

The second edition of the European doctors’ magazine outlines action against climate change as a necessary and immediate priority for the healthcare sector.
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We are pleased to share the second edition of the European doctors’ magazine, which outlines action against climate change as a necessary and immediate priority for the healthcare sector.

To begin with, our President, Dr Christiaan Keijzer, expresses our deep sadness following the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. He takes a moment to reflect that such crises provide a shared cause for us to work together and find common ground to be stronger in the future.

In the editorial our Vice President, Dr Ole Johan Bakke, explains why CPME has raised the climate to one of our highest priorities of our organisation, and why the healthcare sector and society as a whole owes it to future generations to act. The magazine expands on the European policy context and our association’s work on the topic, including our collaboration on the annual Lancet Countdown policy briefs. A guest article from Health Care Without Harm Europe provides a call to action to doctors and the healthcare sector.

Our Secretary General, Sarada Das, writes about the worrying trend of increasing violence and burnout affecting health professionals and the need to raise awareness and catalyse action.

Articles from our Secretariat summarise our six key requests for the European Health Data Space and introduce our position on the revision of the EU’s general pharmaceutical legislation, in particular how to fund and reward the development of novel antibiotics. We also provide an update on the Ukraine Medical Help Fund, we continue to deliver aid in collaboration with our partners and thanks to generous donations to support a healthcare system under attack.

The President of the Czech Medical Chamber, Dr. Milan Kubek, looks back on our recent General Assembly in Prague and explains how the country’s doctors have risen to ongoing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and providing healthcare to half a million refugees.

Finally, we are delighted to include a guest article from the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, exploring how doctors and veterinarians are strengthening collaboration, particularly in applying the One Health approach.

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