26 January 2023

Medical Bodies Send Further Help to Besieged People of Ukraine

Further help for the besieged people of Ukraine has been delivered this week by CPME and other medical bodies in the Ukraine Medical Help Fund.

A shipment of warming tents, generators and fan heaters has been set up in the cities of Kiev Oblast, Mykolaiv and Kherson to help people in high-rise buildings who are without electricity, heating, water and warm food.

‘In particular, children and elderly people are suffering from the terrible conditions and need a place where they can warm up, recharge mobile medical equipment, and get something warm to eat and drink.’

The Ukraine Medical Help Fund, coordinated by the World Medical Association (WMA), CPME and the European Forum of Medical Associations, donated 100,000 Euros to fund the shipment, which cost 150,000 Euros. This comes with the assistance of a joint fundraising campaign “Warmth for Ukraine” by Hope for Ukraine e.V. Dresden and the Saxon State Medical Association with support from the Bavarian Medical Association.

Find how to support the Ukraine Medical Help Fund here.

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