25 March 2022

Ukrainian Medical Association thanks European doctors for continued support

The Ukrainian Medical Association has sent a letter expressing their sincere gratitude for the support of European doctors since the first days of the war in Ukraine, including the establishment of the Ukraine Medical Help Fund.
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The Ukrainian Medical Association has expressed their sincere gratitude for the support of European doctors since the first days of the war in Ukraine.

A letter signed by the President Oleg Musiy and the CPME representative Iryna Mazur on behalf of the Ukrainian medical community, thanks doctors for the humanitarian aid from around the world.

The Ukraine Medical Help Fund was established as a joint initiative by CPME, EFMA and WMA in response to an urgent request by the Ukrainian Medical Association. Following the very generous contributions of national medical associations, a first shipment of medical goods is being sent to Ukraine.

The letter outlines the challenges faced by Ukrainian doctors. It reports that 117 hospitals and 5 maternity hospitals have been destroyed. The drug supply system has been severely disrupted, and there is no medicine in some regions.

Ukrainian doctors provide medical care, perform surgical interventions in operating theaters under air raid alerts outside the window and even constant bombardment.

In the bomb shelters of the hospitals Ukrainian doctors deliver women and nurses put drips and distribute medicine to patients. Under shelling and bombing of the city, ambulance crews are the first to go on call to the affected buildings. Doctors, paramedics and ambulance drivers had died.

We will continue to support our Ukrainian colleagues through the Ukraine Medical Help Fund, and appreciate all support to fund.

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