12 July 2023

European doctors’ summer magazine focuses on better access to medicines

We are delighted to launch the latest edition of our magazine, which emphasises that the ongoing revision of the EU’s pharmaceutical legislation provides a unique opportunity to ensure access to affordable and safe medicines.
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In his editorial our President, Dr Christiaan Keijzer, calls for a balanced dialogue to make sure the new legislative framework delivers for patients and Europe’s healthcare systems. The topic of medicine shortages is particularly highlighted, with a survey of national medical associations revealing that shortages affecting nearly all types have become increasingly common across Europe. Our new policy on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is featured, with key messages from a joint event organised with the Swedish Medical Association on addressing AMR in medical practice.

We are honoured to include an interview with MEP Tomislav Sokol, providing valuable insights on the ongoing discussions on the European Health Data Space (EHDS), and we highlight the key points for healthcare professions in the negotiations.

We also look ahead to the climax of the revision process of the EU's air quality directives as the trilogue between the EU institutions is expected to start in autumn. CPME calls for a full alignment of the EU rules with the WHO guidelines.

In news from our members, the Israeli Medical Association describes protests against the Israeli judicial reform and that a functional, ethical health system must be based on democracy and a strong, independent judiciary. The Croatian Medical Chamber report that 97% of Croatian doctors are dissatisfied with their legal status and how doctors organised a joint protest for government action. Our President reflects in his opening letter that it is vital to address the health workforce crisis before it escalates further.

We are privileged to have a guest article from Mental Health Europe on how our call for mental health in all policies is one step closer, although we are at the beginning of a journey that we all have to take together. Finally, the European Medical Students’ Association highlights the value of incorporating the perspective of medical students in policy-making as the future of the healthcare workforce.

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