Patient Safety and Quality of Care Joint Action (PaSQ) (2012-2016)

The PaSQ joint action ran from April 2012 to March 2016 aiming to support the implementation of the Council Recommendations on Patient Safety by cooperation among the EU member states and stakeholders and to strengthen cooperation between the EU member states and the EU stakeholders on issues related to quality of health care, including patient safety and patient involvement.

CPME supported to identify and share transferable patient safety good practices that have readily proven to prevent risk or harm to patients and share them through an interactive web-tool. CPME also contributed to the implementation and monitoring of good practices in healthcare organisations within the participating member states. The following steps were foreseen:

  1. Defining a common terminology and a framework,

  2. Identifying and approving good clinical practices (GCP),

  3. Mutual sharing of GCP through site-visits and exchange mechanisms,

  4. Sharing GCP through an interactive IT platform.

Please find the website of the joint action here.

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