27 November 2023

Recommendations to improve doctors' well-being: promoting work-life balance and supportive environments

The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) has published a policy providing recommendations to enhance the well-being of doctors across Europe, with the aim of improving patient care, professional excellence, and overall job satisfaction.
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Doctors face significant challenges in maintaining their own well-being while caring for others. The demanding nature of their work, long working hours, and high levels of stress can take a toll on their physical and mental health. These challenges are further compounded by workforce shortages, which create barriers to the pursuit of a work-life balance that accommodates family life.

The new policy makes a range of recommendations, each designed to support the holistic well-being of doctors at all stages of their careers.

CPME Vice President Dr. Martin Balzan said “European doctors call on the EU and Member States to ensure effective enforcement of EU directives like the Working Time Directive and Parental Leave Directive. We must ensure that all available tools are aligned to improving  the well-being of doctors.

“We urge healthcare institutions to implement benchmarks for minimum workforce capacities to ensure safe staffing levels, which is only possible with fair financial remuneration.

“We also encourage a supportive organisational culture, emphasising autonomy, a peer support network, and a sense of dialogue, trust, and belonging. A culture of well-being among young doctors can be promoted by highlighting role models who exemplify a healthy work-life balance."

CPME President Christiaan Keijzer added "The well-being of doctors is not only a personal matter but also a critical factor that directly influences patient safety and healthcare quality. Our policy is a reflection of our commitment to creating an environment where doctors can thrive both personally and professionally."

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