09 November 2023

European doctors reaffirm commitment to greening healthcare in Tallinn, EU Green Capital

Representatives of Europe’s medical associations convene from 10-11 November in Tallinn, for the General Assembly of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) against the backdrop of the city’s status as the European Green Capital 2023.
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Earlier this year, CPME published a new policy on climate change and health, making key recommendations to policy-makers and the healthcare sector. In particular, European doctors are advocating to align the EU’s Ambient Air Quality Directives with the guidelines of the World Health Organisation in the ongoing negotiations for a revised law.

Dr Christiaan Keijzer, CPME President said “In recent years, CPME has raised climate change to one of the highest priorities of our organisation and our General Assembly is an ideal occasion to reaffirm our commitment to greening the healthcare sector. Tallinn is renowned for its efforts on environmental sustainability and we are pleased to contribute to the year of activities when the city is leading European efforts to tackle the climate crisis.”

Krista Kampus, Executive Director of the European Green Capital 2023, focused on biodiversity when welcoming CPME to Estonia, saying “One of our main focus areas in our European Green Capital year is biodiversity. Biodiverse green and blue areas support the mental balance and physical health of our citizens. Research shows that children who grow up with possibilities to play in nature and more contact with biodiversity are healthier and happier. It is very important for us to support the nature around us, because it also supports our own health.“

The two day event, hosted by the Estonian Medical Association, will include a welcome message from Estonian Minister of Health Ms Riina Sikkut and a keynote presentation on Greening Healthcare Services in Estonia by Dr Liivi Maddison of North Estonia Medical Centre, as well as an exchange on the efforts of national medical associations. The meeting will also host discussions on a broad range of other topics relating to European health policy.

Dr Maddison highlighted “Healthcare accounts for 4.7% of the Estonian national CO2 footprint, and running a hospital such as the North Estonian Medical Centre is equivalent to flying from Tallinn to Sydney and back 3140 times every year. Therefore all initiatives to reduce emissions make a difference.”

Finally Dr Indrek Oro, Head of Delegation of the Estonian Medical Association, added “As a long-standing member of CPME, we are proud to host our colleagues from across Europe in Tallinn and we look forward to fruitful discussions and contributing to the medical profession’s voice in European policy-making.”

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