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EImmunisation protects the community against vaccine-preventable diseases. Each vaccine plays an important role, and it provides the best protection if completed on time. WHO/Europe has developed a generic app code that countries can tailor quickly and cheaply into a simple telephone-based tool to remind parents when their children’s vaccinations are due. This could be a great help toward better vaccination rates in countries where coverage is insufficient, e.g., dangerously low.

How the immunization app works:

– Once the app is downloaded onto an iOS (Mac) or Android smartphone, the user enters information for his or her child or children, including age and existing medical conditions.
– The user then receives reminders when vaccinations are due, following his or her country’s national vaccination schedule.
– A record of the vaccination is kept on the smartphone.
– The app also provides direct links to the national immunization schedule and other useful online information resources.

Please, click here for further details, or to get in touch about implementation in your own country.