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On 11 December 2008, MEP Alojz Peterle organized a hearing on adult and cord blood stem cells for therapeutic applications in the European Parliament. The hearing was organized in cooperation with the French Novussanguis consortium which is a platform of research starting with around fifteen laboratories focusing on research, innovation and the formation of the future generations of researchers.
In his opening speech MEP Peterle stressed that already 85 diseases are possible to treat with these methods. And the most important in this entire story is that the methods are ethically acceptable, he said.
Cord blood and adult stem cells are very attractive for research in cell therapy and regenerative medicine because of their high differentiation and expansion potential. He stressed that the EU should put more effort into this research since they are ethically acceptable and they could be carried out all around EU. He also stressed the many possibilities of public-private partnership on the issue.
All participants agreed that this method of research produces very good results and has great potential. They stated also that EU governments should give it greater attention and priority.