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Health experts, stakeholders and individual citizens participating in Commissioner Byrne’s consultation on the future of EU health policy have positively reacted to his vision of “good health for all”.  CPME contributed with its policy document adopted at the September 2004 Board meeting.

The reflection process generated a wide debate across the EU and beyond. Mr. Byrne has received over 170 responses.

Respondents agreed on the need for Europe to pro-actively promote good health. Action on tobacco, in particular, was a top priority, along with alcohol, nutrition, exercise and promoting safe food. Many stressed the urgent need to promote healthy lifestyles to children and teenagers to help counter problems such as obesity.

Other factors impacting on health, such as environmental, social and economic issues, were also viewed as important.

Respondents backed Commissioner Byrne on the need to ensure all EU policies are good for health – with some putting forward proposals on how to achieve this by using health impact assessment, health targets or synergies with other EU policies. More resources for health policy were called for.

Mr. Byrne will hand on the results of his consultation to Markos Kyprianou, incoming Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection.

Contributions to the reflection process

Report summarising the results of the Reflection Process

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