Press Briefing on Declaration of Patient-Centered HealthcareComments Off on Press Briefing on Declaration of Patient-Centered Healthcare

On 30 March 2007 the United Nations’ NGO Health Committee in conjunction with the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) held a meeting to introduce a vital voice and concept to healthcare worldwide: that of the patient and patient-centered healthcare. The Meeting presented a Declaration on Patient-Centered Healthcare, which is being considered as the document that outlines patients’ and patients’ organizations definition of the key principles of patient-centered healthcare. In addition, IAPO presented findings on the evidence-based need for an increased focus on patient-centered initiatives within healthcare.

Throughout the day, U.N. NGO Health Committee members and representatives from international patients’ organizations met with healthcare professionals, academics and other stakeholders in an unprecedented attempt to meet the challenge of promoting the practice of patient-centered healthcare in universal terms and determined actions to help transform healthcare systems worldwide.

Afterwards, attendees formally endorsed and accepted the Declaration as the defining document for patient-centered healthcare principles.