CPME Secretariat: Ms Miriam D’AMBROSIO

Strong and independent leadership from the European Commission is vital for successful addressing current health-related challenges.

However, there is a justified concern about health position on the EU agenda in the years to come. One of the five scenarios outlined in the white paper on the future of Europe presented by European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker in 2017 states that the highest effectiveness of the Commission’s work can be achieved by ‘doing less’ in some policy areas. Such postulate could potentially lead to less EU action on health after 2020. Moreover, in the next Multiannual Financial Framework, it is proposed to resign on separate health programme and replacing it by the health strand in the overarching European Social Fund Plus 2021-2027. As added value of integrating distinct policies is recognized, such approach can be effective if only there wouldn’t be a detriment for particular strands. But in fact, the next budget on health is estimated to be 7% smaller than the ongoing one. Since there is no economic growth without investments in health, we call on co-legislators as well as Member States not to compromise future actions and secure an appropriate budget for health.