CPME Rapporteur on Digital Competencies: Prof. Dr Sebastian KUHN (DE)
CPME Secretariat: Ms Sara RODA

Digital health technologies are changing the way health and care are delivered, reshaping medical practice and the patient-doctor relationship. Digital health literacy (DHL) of healthcare professionals is a crucial component of the efficient and effective transformation of healthcare. Doctors should possess strong digital skills framed and adapted to their medical specialty. At present, neither the practicing health professionals nor the generation in training are adequately prepared. Doctors need to be involved in the early stages of the development of digital solutions and understand technologies’ limitations as to form realistic expectations and reduce misconceptions about their role and usefulness. They need to ensure appropriate professional oversight over clinical validation, while remaining cautious on the overreliance of technology. CPME calls on Member States to take on financial responsibility for the digital health transformation; to promote investment in eHealth solutions that improve patient safety, quality of care and efficiency; and, to invest in programmes to boost the digital health literacy skills of patients.

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