CPME Rapporteur on TTIP and other FTAs: Dr Heikki PÄLVE (FI)

CPME Secretariat: Ms Sarada DAS

The increasing complexity of global trade relations and trade policy has ever greater impact on health, healthcare and healthcare services. The ‘new generation’ of EU trade agreements go beyond the classical tariff negotiations to discuss services, regulatory issues and the continued elaboration of the ‘living agreement’ beyond its scope at ratification. CPME believes that economic stability in both the public and private sector can be mutually beneficial to sustainable high quality healthcare. However, effective safeguards must ensure that the rights and regulations established by Union legislation and Member States’ laws regulating healthcare and healthcare systems are not endangered, nor may regulatory standards and competences be diminished. To achieve this, CPME supports the carve-out of healthcare services from the TTIP. CPME also supports all efforts to ensure the greatest possible transparency and consultation in relation to negotiations of trade agreements.

Adopted policies include