Chair of the CPME Working Group on Refugee Health: Dr Marily PASSAKIOTOU (GR)

CPME Secretariat: Ms Sarada DAS

CPME’s policies on ‘refugees’ use the term as referring to all forcibly displaced persons regardless of legal status or reason for displacement. This includes migrants who have been granted legal status as refugee or asylum seeker and undocumented migrants. CPME’s policies focus on refugees’ rights and needs relating to health. They are based on the principle that doctors must provide appropriate healthcare to every patient, regardless of ethnicity, background, legal status or other factors. Medical ethics and patient-doctor confidentiality must be upheld. It is also vital to pay special attention and find appropriate responses to refugees’ specific vulnerabilities, e.g. relating to mental health. CPME also discusses the situation of doctors with a refugee background and approaches to integrating them into the medical workforce.

Adopted policies include