CPME Rapporteurs: Dr Katrín FJELDSTED (IS), Dr Daiva BROGIENĖ (LT)
CPME Secretariat: Mr Markus KUJAWA

CPME has been working on patient safety for many years and was crucially involved in bringing the topic to the EU agenda through a conference organised in 2005. This conference also saw the adoption of the Luxembourg Declaration on Patient Safety. CPME has since been involved in a series of projects on the topic.

In the Safety Improvement for Patients in Europe (SImPatIE) project (2005-2007), CPME led a work package aiming to reach expert consensus on a strategy framework for patient safety. In the European Network for Patient Safety (EUNetPaS) project (2008-2010), CPME was a leader of a work package on evaluation and actively contributed to a work package on patient safety education and training. This project aimed to establish a platform for all EU Member States, international organisations and stakeholders to encourage and enhance collaboration and networking in this field. In the European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ) joint action (2012-2016), CPME was one of the partners to improve patient safety and quality of care through sharing of information, experience, and the implementation of good practices, in particular regarding safe clinical practices and risk management.

At institutional level, there is a European Council Working Party on Public Health dealing with patient safety issues at senior level. The Council Recommendation on Patient Safety was published in 2009, followed by the Council conclusions in 2014. CPME has also been a member of the European Commission Working Group on Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PSQCWG) which comprises both Member State representatives and stakeholders.

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