CPME Rapporteur on Health Workforce: Dr Patrick ROMESTAING (FR)

CPME Secretariat: Ms Sarada DAS

The health workforce is a fundamental variable to be considered for the formation of any successful health policy. CPME believes quality of care and patient safety can only be safeguarded if the medical workforce in every Member State has access to the best possible training, can rely on safe working conditions and is adequately staffed. Cross-border mobility should be facilitated for the benefit of the individual doctor and the profession as a whole. It may not however be instrumentalised as a policy tool to respond to economic or infrastructural insufficiencies. The need to respond to new challenges, resulting from demographic or economic pressures, the rise of new disease patterns and new technologies, as well as the changing mobility trends is common to the profession across Europe. Exchange of good practice on planning and managing the medical workforce must be facilitated and supported.