CPME Rapporteurs: Dr Jacques DE HALLER (CH), Prof. Dr Frank Ulrich MONTGOMERY (DE)
CPME Secretariat: Mr Markus KUJAWA

In certain cases, the health status of the population faces a challenge which cannot be contained without coordinated and systematic action, often within a very short timeframe. Since these threats may cross national borders, collaboration between Member States is crucial. In the event of a possible pandemic or the detection of faulty medical devices for instance, clear, evidence-based information is vital for both patients and healthcare professionals. Rising threats to health can sometimes also be prevented through the implementation of focused programmes, as in the case of childhood vaccinations. CPME action in this area identifies the needs and possibilities of doctors to collaborate in coordination at both national and European level as well as implementing plans in practice.

CPME is a stakeholder in the three-year EU Joint Action on Vaccination (EU-JAV).

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