CPME Working group on pharmaceuticals – Chair person: Dr Erzsébet PODMANICZKY (HU)

CPME Secretariat: Ms Carole ROUAUD, EU Policy Adviser

CPME believes that patients have the right to healthcare and to receive the best treatment available, regardless socio‐economic conditions. It is the medical profession’s obligation under professional ethics to serve the patient’s best interest. In this respect, the fact that doctors may have to wait patient’s health status to deteriorate before providing necessary and medically indicated treatments, as a consequence of soaring drug prices, raise severe ethical questions in terms of nonmaleficence and equity. Consequently, CPME is currently following regulatory and non-regulatory initiatives in this field.

Between 2010 and 2013, CPME participated in the European Commission’s non-regulatory initiative aiming at facilitating timely and equitable access to medicine all over the EU. CPME was specifically involved in the five concrete initiatives: a) equitable and timely access to orphan medicines for patients suffering from rare diseases; b) good governance of non-prescriptive medicines in the EU; c) facilitation of supply in small markets which suffer from unavailability or shortage of supply from some medicinal products; d) transparency and Ethics as well as e) Biosimilars.

CPME was represented in the Commission’s process on Corporate Responsibility in the Field of Pharmaceuticals by :

Rapporteur on Orphan medicines: Dr Synnöve LINDEMALM (SE)
Rapporteur on Good governance of non-prescriptive medicines: Prof André HERCHUELZ (BE)
Rapporteur on Access to small markets:Prof André HERCHUELZ (BE)
Rapporteur on Biosimilars: Dr Erzsébet PODMANICZKY (HU)
Rapporteur on Transparency and Ethics: Prof André HERCHUELZ (BE)

Adopted policies include: