Overview on current EU centres of reference on Rare diseasesComments Off on Overview on current EU centres of reference on Rare diseases

 The Rare Diseases Task Force (RDTF) has submitted to the High Level Group on Heath Services and Medical Care a report on Overview of current Centres of Reference on rare diseases in the EU including Annexes.

The RDTF was established in 2004 by the European Commission with the aim to: 

·        Advise and assist the European Commission Public Health Directorate in promoting the optimal prevention, diagnosis and treatment of RD in Europe, in recognition of the unique added value to be gained for rare diseases through European co-ordination.

·        Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of views and experience on all issues related to rare diseases

The report is the result of a mapping exercise in the EU and proposes criteria for defining European centres of reference and prioritisation indicators for the diseases to be covered by them. It will be used as an orientation document for the establishment of European clinical centres of reference based on the example of the rare diseases’ centres of reference.

For more information please visit the RDTF website