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On 29-31 June, the European Commission is organising a conference that is oriented towards research and activities that are for consideration to be supported in R&D Framework Programme 7 (2006-2012). The Conference will take place in Brussels.

The ICT for Bio-Medical Sciences Conference will focus on topics that lie at the cross roads of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) research and Biomedical Sciences research:

– Multilevel modelling and simulation of human physiology and disease related processes 

– Biomedical informatics

– Biomedical imaging

– Systems Biology: system approaches to integrate biological data, and to understand and model biological processes

– Healthgrid – Grid based health information infrastructure and applications

– Bio-inspired Information and Communication Technologies

Vivian Reding, the Commissioner of Information Society and Media, together with invited Member States and EU authorities will open the conference. Scientific sessions will be held over one and half days and will feature leading academic and industry experts in the field. Some audiovisual and technical demonstrations will be staged.

The presentations and discussions will pay special attention to the research challenges as well as benefits and impact on society and economy. The conference will discuss challenges that could be addressed by the 7th Framework programme of the European Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration activities by DG of Information Society and Media and by DG for Research. 

The meeting is free and open but online registration is needed. For agenda and registration please see: