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As of 1 July Portugal will lead for the third time the principal decision-making body of the European Union. In 1992 and in 2000 Portugal already presided the Council.

The main priorities for the Portuguese Presidency on health are the EU Health Strategy, drugs, migration, communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS), Health Systems Impact Assessments and pharmaceutical innovation. Conferences will be held on all of these topics during the next 6 months.

Imbedded in the overarching framework for a health strategy in Europe, health and migration will be the main focus of the Portuguese EU Presidency. Migration is a key element of an enlarged and integrated Europe for reasons of international economic development, a more balanced distribution of income, and of the creation of opportunities for geographically and economically excluded populations. Under the theme “Better health for all in an inclusive society”, a European conference on this specific issue will be organised in Lisbon on 27/28 September.

Main events health programme for the Portuguese Presidency
12-13 July
Round Table on Health Strategies in Europe
19-20 September
Conference on evaluation of Policies and Programmes in the field of drugs
27-28 September
Conference “Health and Migration in the EU – Better Health for all in an inclusive society”
10-12 October
International symposium “National experiences in addressing adverse trends affecting the health workforce”.
12-13 October
Meeting of the AIDS Coordinators of the EU, WHO-EURO Region and Neighbouring Countries
5-6 November
Meeting on Health and Health Systems Impact Assessment
19-20 November
Conference “Pharmaceutical Innovation: the need for a new R&D Strategy in the EU”