Health and care in an enlarged EuropeComments Off on Health and care in an enlarged Europe

The findings of a research report from the European Foundation for the Improvement and Living Conditions by Alber, J. and Köhler, U., draws on the results of Eurobarometer surveys carried out in the EU and the 13 acceding and candidate countries in Spring 2002.

The actual report takes a comparative look at health and health care across 28 countries.

This report explores how Europeans perceive their health, to what extent they display healthy and unhealthy lifestyles, how easily they can access their national health care system and how satisfied they are with its performance.

Europeans are generally satisfied with their health care and health care systems, although people in Austria, Finland and the Netherlands are more satisfied than those in Bulgaria, Portugal and Turkey, according to this comparison.

The report itself, 96 pages, can be downloaded.