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A report on Financing Sustainable Health Care in Europe is currently being drafted by a number of European stakeholders. The aim is to present specific recommendations for member states and the EU to boost healthcare productivity and efficiency.

Former European Parliament president Pat Cox is leading the report’s steering committee.

The initial recommendations of the report were presented on 7 December 2006: 

  • Increased competition in health care provision leading to results-oriented healthcare and increased accountability;
  • ‘incentivising’ consumers to consume wisely and suppliers to produce efficiently;
  • empowering patients through increased access to health information, and; 
  • rewarding innovation and reforming health-technology assessment (HTA) to improve the relative effectiveness of health care (balancing innovation, medical progress and productivity gains with health-care budgets).

The full report will be published in a conference on Sustainable healthcare financing: new approaches for new outcomes in Helsinki in February 2007.