European doctors welcome the new European cancer planComments Off on European doctors welcome the new European cancer plan

On 3 February, the European Commission published the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan which sets out a new EU approach to cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and care. CPME believes that prevention is the most cost-effective long-term strategy for cancer control, and therefore is pleased to see that prevention is one of the key action areas in the new plan.

‘’CPME welcomes the ambitious cancer plan. We are already committed to many of its action areas. Many cancer deaths could be prevented by modifying or avoiding key risk factors and implementing existing evidence-based prevention strategies. The implementation of these strategies and the new cancer plan will be a big but not impossible job.’’ (Prof. Dr Frank Ulrich Montgomery, CPME President)

The actions of the EU’s cancer plan will address key risk factors such as tobacco, harmful alcohol consumption, environmental pollution, and hazardous substances. The plan also aims to promote healthy diets and physical activity. Moreover, its objective is to eliminate cervical and other cancers caused by HPV through vaccination.

Concretely, this will mean for example reviewing the Tobacco Products Directive and the Tobacco Taxation Directive, as well as revising the EU’s air quality standards, and proposing a mandatory labelling of the list of ingredients and calorie content and inclusion of health warnings on the label of alcoholic beverages.