Ethical aspects of clinical trials in developing countriesComments Off on Ethical aspects of clinical trials in developing countries

Clinical trials in developing countries often raise ethical questions linked to socio-economic inequalities, poverty and cultural diversity.

The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) said in its Opinion on the "Ethical aspects of clinical research in developing countries" – presented to the European Commission on 4 February- that the private or public investigators who conduct research in these countries have a moral duty to make a concrete contribution to reduce these inequalities.

The EGE states in its opinion that the fundamental ethical principles applied to clinical trials in industrialised countries are to be applicable everywhere. It also stresses the need to involve developing countries in such trials, making them partners in the development of treatments. Finally, the EGE welcomes the EU policy of funding research in developing countries to fight against poverty-linked diseases.

The text of the Opinion is available on the EGE Website: