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Lisette Tiddens-Engwirda, Secretary General, CPME said:

“CPME is quite concerned with the Commission’s proposal. It is said to be a balanced package which respects the principal objective – health & safety of workers – while responding to the needs of European economy. It may respond to the need of the economy but as for the respect of health and safety of health workers, we have our doubts!

CPME released a position statement in March 2004 stating the following:

For the reference period, a unilateral extension of the reference period from 6 months to 12 months should not be possible. The provisions of the EWTD concerning reference periods should not be changed into more a liberal direction. The reference period should not be longer than the work contract.

Regarding the definition of working time, time doctors spend on-call at the working place should be counted working time as defined in the SIMAP and Jaeger judgements.

As for the individual opt out, it should be abolished from the Directive.

This is CPME position and we will make sure the voice of Doctors is heard in the legislative process”

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