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“European doctors welcome the results of today’s vote as a crucial step in the negotiations towards a new Directive. We are delighted that MEPs have translated their commitment to protecting citizens’ health into action and hope that the ENVI Report is a sound basis for further negotiations.” Dr Katrín Fjeldsted, President of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME)


In its vote on the Report on a new Tobacco Products Directive, the European Parliament’s ENVI committee has taken an important step towards ensuring that the new regulatory framework for tobacco controls offers better protection of citizens from tobacco-related harm. CPME is pleased to note that the European Parliament approved a surface coverage of 75 %. Equally, CPME welcomes the committee’s support for the ban of additives which make tobacco products more palatable and attractive, and those producing a characterising flavour in particular menthol. Also it is important that the proposed prohibition of so-called ‘slim’ cigarettes was up-held.


Looking ahead to the next steps of negotiations, CPME hopes that the political will to take ambitious action will  result in an effective Directive to contribute towards protecting citizens from tobacco-related harm. European doctors are dedicated to being proactive partners in achieving this objective.