CPME supports the Irish Alcohol BillComments Off on CPME supports the Irish Alcohol Bill

On 19 July 2018, CPME submitted a contribution to the European Commission’s TRIS database to support the Irish Public Health (Alcohol) Bill which was published already in 2015 but is still not yet enacted. It aims to reduce the consumption and harms associated with alcohol in Ireland by i.a. introducing labels with health warnings and restrictions on advertising.

In spring, the European Commission warned Ireland that the Bill and its restrictions on alcohol advertising may conflict with EU law. The Commission also challenged the labelling plans for a warning sign linking cancer and alcohol on bottles and cans. Also, the alcohol industry has been lobbying heavily against the Bill. Moreover, 14 EU Member States have raised objections, saying the bill is a disproportionate response to the issue of alcohol misuse that would damage trade and discriminate against new products entering the Irish market.

Please find the CPME contribution here.