CPME Statement on Shaping Healthcare Interoperability PolicyComments Off on CPME Statement on Shaping Healthcare Interoperability Policy

On 8 April, the CPME Executive Committee adopted a statement addressing certain particularities of interoperability in the healthcare sector, offering few recommendations.

European doctors stress that an interoperability policy in the healthcare sector needs to be driven by specific fundamental principles, such as security by design, privacy by design, medical confidentiality and ethical principles. Moreover, when designing interoperable processes, the requirements of healthcare professionals and patients should be assessed and considered.

European doctors note that the healthcare system is highly dependent on the software industry, especially information systems used by doctors and hospitals, the so-called ‘last mile’. In addition, software companies usually do not have a motivation to invest in interoperability.

For this reason, CPME supports developing a legal framework that enforces interoperability for the software industry (e.g. Directive on minimum interoperability requirements), foreseeing specific funding to ensure that healthcare systems do not shift or reduce their financial resources intended for clinical care to attain interoperability.

Please see CPME Statement on Shaping the Healthcare Sector Interoperability Policy.