CPME response to public consultation on the European Data StrategyComments Off on CPME response to public consultation on the European Data Strategy

On 7 May 2020, the CPME Executive Committee adopted the CPME response to Public Consultation on the European Data Strategy’ (CPME 2020/043 FINAL) .

CPME welcomes the Eu ambition of becoming a leading role model for a society empowered by data to make better decisions in business and the public sector. However, certain conditions need to be ensured, in particular, clear purposes for access and use to the data, robust governance models, stronger safeguards and enforcement of data subject rights to avoid misuse by or distrust, in governments, rogue employees or private entities with commercial interests, in detriment of the data subject.

CPME advocates the involvement of research ethics committees for secondary use of health data, particularly when the legal base to share personal data is other than consent of the data subject, or impose GDPR certification for certain processing operations. An EU Code of Conduct for processing of personal data in the health sector is also welcomed. The principles of Taipei and Helsinki declarations should be embedded in such a Code.

CPME also supports fostering a specific register for digital specialists (IT professionals), as they should abide to ethically-based codes of conducts and be subject to regulatory and/or disciplinary sanctions.