Patient Empowerment has gained considerable attention in the healthcare field, and has become a central element in the strategy of National Health Authorities, EU bodies, the Council of Europe and WHO-Europe.

In parallel, EU political decision makers have recognized that chronic diseases will increase healthcare costs in the future. This study has been commissioned to contribute to EU knowledge and facilitate the development of patient-centered healthcare policies while also feeding into the reflection on chronic disease management, a process currently held jointly by the Commission and Member States.

 CPME is currently working in partnership towards this goal.

 The EMPATHiE project is structured in four work packages:

•WP1. To identify models of best practices for patient empowerment;
•WP2. To perform an analysis of the models of patient empowerment and present a clear identification of advantages and barriers to empowering patients;
•WP3. To develop a method to validate transferability of good practices, taking into account the context of other diseases, patient characteristics and those of health systems;
•WP4.  To develop scenarios for future EU collaboration in the area of patient empowerment.

CPME will contribute to the work of the study and in particular to the development of scenarios for future EU collaboration in the area of patient empowerment.

Further information is available HERE.

We also invite you to watch a short clip about patient empowerment from the European Network on Patient Empowerment (ENOPE). To watch it, click HERE.

On 9 March 2015, the European Commission published the study on its website. Please click HERE to access the study and here for the annex to the report.


The project Empowering patients in the management of chronic diseases  is funded under the Health Programme 2008-2013, Work plan 2013.