CPME issues a Statement on the European Health Data SpaceComments Off on CPME issues a Statement on the European Health Data Space

On 2 February, CPME Executive Committee adopted a statement on the European Health Data Space providing feedback to the Commission’s initial consultation.

CPME stresses that the proposal should define what is to be considered ‘innovation for the public good’ to avoid abuse and misuse. It also highlights that in medical research, the GDPR is not sufficient to address the processing of health data for secondary use. The principles of the Declarations of Helsinki and Taipei have to be complied with too. Moreover, no one should be discriminated because of their genome, and for this reason the use of genetic data for insurance credit, criminal justice, education or employment purposes should never be allowed. Ethical objections from patients will also need to be taken into account. In addition, where the use of AI in healthcare can cause death, injury or human harm, AI should be considered of high-risk. Finally, sector specific legislation on AI in health should exist.

Please see the statement here.