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On 7 June, the CPME contributed with feedback to the Commission’s roadmap on a Declaration of Digital Principles.

European Doctors advise caution on the intensive use of digital technologies in children and young people, calling for a broader and proactive principle that encompasses ‘prevention’ against the negative effects of the online space, reading as “Protecting and empowering children and young people in the online space and preventing the negative effects thereof”. Sufficient links have been found between internet use and mental wellbeing, and concerns have been voiced that digital technologies and social media are exacerbating feelings of anxiety and depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation, child abuse and exploitation, among other.

European Doctors also call for the establishment of a right for a “clean data slate” at the age of 18; IT professionals abide to ethically-based codes of conduct and be subject to regulatory oversight and sanctions; and digitalisation is not imposed as the only available mean, procedure, or tool. Other alternative forms should continue to subsist.

Please see CPME Feedback on the Commission’s roadmap for a Declaration of Digital Principles.