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During the meeting of the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament on December 1st there was a clear demand by many MEPs for the induction of a formal investigation into the presence of CIA detention camps in Europe, after a legal basis for such investigation is located. An extraordinary meeting of the Committee will be convened on December 12th, where Commissioner for Justice, freedom and security Franco Frattini and a representative of the Council of Europe will probably address the meeting.   

The issue of CIA secret detention camps in Europe has begun after the claim of Washington Post on November 3rd 2005 that these camps exist in Eastern Europe. NGO Human Rights Watch has taken the issue further by releasing a statement on US secret detention Facilities in Europe and by naming Romania and Poland as two countries that are hosting this kind of facilities. The Council of Europe is already conducting an inquiry on this matter, with Swiss senator Dick Marty being the leader of these investigations.

The issue of detention camps and breach of human rights of detainees by the US intelligence agency is not just now exposed since there are confirmed detention camps in places outside the US and Europe that have occupied the press and public opinion, such as the Guantanamo Bay camp. At its Board meeting in Stockholm on 18 November 2005, the CPME adopted a motion on Guantanamo bay camp and the restitution of the detainees’ rights.

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