Welcome to the CPME survey section!

At the moment two surveys are open for responses. One survey is aimed at doctors and the second survey is aimed at 60+ older adult patients. The survey for doctors aims to assess the awareness of doctors on functional performance (/capacity) decline and frailty related to ageing and their possibilities to prevent/ delay the onset of these issues and/or mitigate their consequences.

The survey for patients also aims to assess the awareness, opinion and attitude of the population aged over 60 regarding healthy and active ageing. The surveys build on the conceptual framework of the European Health Literacy Project (HLS-EU).

This initiative is part of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIPAHA). It started as an individual commitment to contribute to ‘Prevention of frailty and functional performance (/capacity – see further) decline’ related to ageing and under the auspices of the EIPAHA, it became a more advanced endeavor under the framework of the A3 Action Group on Prevention of frailty and functional performance (/capacity) decline.

The initiative will result in an assessment of the views, needs, benefits and barriers regarding health literacy (HL) on functional performance (/capacity) decline and frailty, related to ageing. The findings and the recommendations will constitute a unique tool to inform policies and decision-making at various levels.

Survey 1Health literacy of Functional Decline and Frailty related to Ageing – Pilot Survey for Older Adult Patients (60+)
Survey 2Health Literacy of Functional Decline and Frailty – Pilot Survey for Doctors
Health literacy survey on functional decline and frailty: introduction and methdological background