Please see here the methodological explanation accompanying the pilot questionnaire.

The survey for doctors aims to assess the awareness of doctors on functional performance (/capacity) decline and frailty related to ageing and their possibilities to prevent/ delay the onset of these issues and/or mitigate their consequences.

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List of personal contributors
(in alphabetical order)
Dr Gunta Ancane, Latvian Medical Association
Michelle Glekin, Israeli Medical Association
Prof Dr Tomasz Kostka, Medical University Lodz
Prof Dr Gelu Onose, Chair CPME WG Healthy ageing – coordinating editor
Dr Konstanty Radziwill, CPME Immediate Past President
Olga Rostkowska, President of the European Medical Students’ Association
Dr Itzhak Siev-Ner, Israeli Medical Association
Prof Kristine Sorensen, Maastricht University, Consortium partner of HLS-EU
Prof. Dr. Tiberiu Spircu, Romanian statistics expert
Dr Jacques van der Vliet, CPME expert EIPAHA
Dr Anthony Woolf, the Bone and Joint Decade Association
CPME Secretariat:
Anamaria Corca, CPME EU Policy Advisor
Henry Kizito, CPME Maastricht University Intern
Daria Zygmunt, CPME EU Policy Intern

Comité Permanent/ Standing Committee of the European Doctors (CPME)
The Working Group (WG) for Healthy and Active Ageing (HAG)
Surveys regarding Health Literacy (HL) on Functional Decline and Frailty Related to Ageing
– (included) questionnaires: for doctors and for 60+ older adult patients –


I took note of the fact that the WG for Healthy and Active Ageing of the CPME is developing two international surveys regarding Health Literacy (HL) on Functional Decline and Frailty Related to Ageing, including with a customized questionnaire – for doctors and respectively, for 60+ older adult patients – included within each of these studies.

I could read the detailed background/ theoretical-methodological basis and the content of the related questionnaire I have to fill in – displayed on the official web site of the European Commission (in English – operational – the one for doctors) and I have understood its content and which is the goal it aims.
My doctor clearly explained to me in what consists this research project, and which is the goal it aims (this part – only for the questionnaire dedicate to older adult patients).
Accordingly, I herein give my consent to be included, as a volunteer respondent, in this survey and consequently, to answer to the questionnaire it encompasses.

By signing this informed consent, I also express the agreement that my data, resulting from evaluations within in this study, to be used by its makers for scientific teaching and/or health/ social policy decision scopes, keeping adequate confidentiality in respect to the related international standard regulations.

Date: Respondent’s signature: